Thrust Areas

NAVIC is a network organisation working at all India level. As network organisation, its activities are focused on enhancing capacities of its network members on different concurrent issues and problems. For this, the organisation holds training, workshops, seminars and conferences  on regular intervals. As several members organisations of the network are small voluntary organisations working at the grassroots level, they lack knowledge and information for effectively managing their affairs. Enhancing capacities of such organisations in managerial aspects is one of the mandates of NAVIC. Such organisations are helped in resource mobilisation by getting their project documents prepared and putting them across the donors.

As NAVIC is based in one of the most backward regions of the country, Eastern Uttar Pradesh, it is also working at the grassroots in areas near to its headquarters. At the grassroots level, it intervenes in areas like organic farming, promotion of biodiversity, child labour, self-employment, women empowerment, health and AIDS. The organisation has special expertise in neem and jatropha cultivation.

Capacity Building of VOs

Grassroots Interventions