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Organisational Profile

The 21st century is witnessing both decay and development. This paradox is visited by several nations, especially the developing countries. While there is decay of moral values, evasion of social justice, solidarity and fellowship, there is also development of modern technology, infrastructure and economic status. But these impact only the so-called elites with all its dimensions encapsulated in what is popularly called as LPG (liberalisation, privatisation and globalisation). LPG is making the rich richer and distorting the process of development for many. While the state is receding, private sector is being brought in. The civil society is yet to find its legitimate space. Although the role of civil society is universally acknowledged, the capacity to play this role is yet to be established.

NAVIC intends to fulfil this gap by strengthening the grassroots civil society organisations. It aims at facilitating interaction, exchange of experience, training in skill and value and above all build a platform for advocacy on contemporary development issues. NAVIC believes that only by building coalition of network and synergy of operations the huge task of development can be effectively undertaken by civil society organisations.

In the recent years, NAVIC's work at grassroots level is increasingly in handicraft sector because Varanasi area is full of artisans. To facilitate sale of handicraft items, it has established three showrooms:

  1. Sector 8 Crossing in Indira Nagar, Lucknow
  2. Bhakti Nagar, Pandey Pur, Varanasi
  3. Eye Hospital, Guwahati