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Varanasi: Leader of the Chipko movement Sunderlal Bahuguna  predicted that the 'tree farming' would be the foremost need of the future for the survival of the mankind. He said that tree plantation was a perfect answer t many of the problems of today's world.

Bahuguna was speaking at a seminar on 'Our role in preserving water, forest, land, life and living beings' organised by the National Association for Voluntary Initiatives and Cooperation (NAVIC), a network of non-governmental organisations, at the auditorium of Varanasi Nagar Nigam on Saturday. He said that trees not only fulfilled the requirements of food but also maintained the balance of water and air, which were the life-saving necessities. "Unfortunately today the meaning of development is being defined as plenty of worldly object, which is the root cause of all ills", he said adding that this very concept has made the holy Ganga polluted. The government did what could not be done by the Britishers, he said referring to the construction of Tehri dam.

Expressing concern, he said that the Indian culture was being dominated by the western culture of consumerism. "We will have to evaluate of our lifestyles to correct our mistakes", he said. People should take inspiration from great personalities to lead a simple life.

Development at the cost of natural assets was not only meaningless but also fatal, he said and advocated alternative means for development. "We have plenty of human resources which should be utilised for the development of the nation", he said and suggested that sources of non-conventional energy like solar and wind energy should be exploited properly.

Highlighting the importance of tree plantation, he said trees were instrumental not only in stopping soil erosion and maintaining the level of ground water. People would be bound to grow trees in future to get oxygen in the polluted world.

The seminar was also addressed by Kamal Towri, additional secretary in Union home ministry, Dr UP Singh of BHU and income tax commissioner RK Singh. It was attended by representatives of some NGOs and people from rural areas. Earlier, the secretary of NAVIC VK Singh highlighted the objectives of the organisation.