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NAVIC owns 1.5 acres land and six-room office. The office has necessary equipments like computers and internet connection apart from usual fixtures.

The organisation has a well equipped training centre. The training centre also has a vocational training wing that imparts training to local residents in different vocations and food processing. It also has a well stocked library with almost 3,000 books. These books help the trainees and participants upgrade their knowledge and skills. The books are on varied topics like education, micro finance, administration, marketing entrepreneurship development, organic farming, etc.

NAVIC has got sufficient training facilities like television, video compact disc player, audio-visual facility, tape recorder, audio cassettes, video cassette, public address system, overhead projector, slide projector, pointer, roller board, blackboard, marker, card sheets, sketch pens, chalks, etc. As the area is prone to prolonged power outages, an inverter and a generator are also installed.

For facilitating transportation, there is a motorcycle, a scooter and a few bicycles.