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Grassroots Interventions

The grassroots interventions encompass the following sectors:

1. Conservation of Neem, Jatropha and Medicinal Plants, and Self-Employment

NAVIC organises on a regular basis workshops and awareness drives to sensitise the people with neglected matters and medicinal plants to the common people. In this connection workshops and training are organised for conservation of neem and mango seeds and methods of employment through them. Training are also organised for preparing nursery for them.

Detailed information is being provided to students, panchayat representatives and other stakeholders on medicinal plants. The idea is to wean away the population from Allopathic medicines and enable them to switch over to Ayurvedic medicines.

2. Organic Farming/Biodiversity

Workshops are organised on a regular basis for creating awareness about organic farming and biodiversity. Workshops are also organised for transferring technology for producing a few exotic farm produce viable in the local conditions like baby corn.

3. Self-Employment and Micro Credit

Under this SHGs are being formed and linked with banks for loaning so as to enable the SHG members take up income generation activitions. Some of the local resources around which income generation activities revolve include bamboo, juite, saris, etc.

4. Drinking Water and Sanitation

Shortage of drinking water is a big problem in Varanasi and neighbouring areas, thanks to over exploitation of ground water and ever increasing pollution of fresh waster resources. Workshops have been organised to initiate debate as to how the these issues can be tackled in best possible way.

5. Women Empowerment and Livelihood Training

Even though the number of women is decreasing in comparison with men, atrocities on women are not witnessing a fall. Atrocities do not mean exploitation but have different connotations like gender discrimination, casteism, illiteracy, etc. As a result of several workshops organised with working women and housewives it has transpired that financial independence of women was the main tool for their empowerment. With this thinking, the organisation is making efforts for their empowerment by providing them alternative means of livelihood through local resources like collection and sale of neem seeds, vegetable cultivation, etc.

6. AIDS/Pulse Polio/Health/PNDT

Camps are organised for awareness generation about pulse polio, AIDS and PNDT. A few health camps are also organised for providing health services.

7. Science and Technolgy Popularisation in Rural Areas

This involves making people aware about developments in science and technology fields and also imparting them information about climate change at local level. For this Science Extension Centres have been established.

8. Strengthening Three Tier Panchayati Raj Instititions

Recently, NAVIC has taken up an initiative to strengthen three-tier PRIs and six committees formed at the local level.