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Capacity Building of Vos

In the recent years, capacity of member VOs is being built in four identified areas:

1. Consumer Awareness

As consumerism increases by leaps and bounds, consumers lack awareness. Consequently they are duped by unscrupulous elements – companies and businesses. NAVIC is making efforts to create awareness among consumers by imparting skills to the member voluntary organisations with the hope that the VOs will carry the message down to the community level. Holding of camp for voluntary organisations is one of the ways for doing this.

2. Watershed and Wasteland Management

Workshops are being organised for voluntary organisations for shed light on various points of the government sponsored watershed and wasteland management. These workshops are focused on linking people with self-employment for their economic betterment. Generally, the government facilities are used for holding such workshops.

3. Panchayat Strengthening

NAVIC feels that there is a great need of decentralisation of rights of three-tier panchayati raj system after the 73rd Amendment to the Constitution of India. The organisation has held several conferences, workshops and training in different States like Uttar Pradesh,Bihar, Gujarat, Maharashtra, etc., for panchayat strengthening.

The sad part, however, is that the State Governments have implemented the rights enshrined in the 73rd Amendment as per their whims. Even today, elected panchayat and urban bodies representatives do not enjoy any financial independence in States like Bihar.

On the invitation of network members, NAVIC has organised a few training for panchayat representatives directly in these States. It has also carried out impact study in Uttar Pradesh's Naxalite areas through Gram Panchayat representatives.

4. Project Formulation

NGO management is a complex matter. NGOs need funds, but many lack skills to write winning proposals. Even if they are successful in getting a project, its management becomes even more complex. NAVIC organises training for such NGOs in project formulation, implementation, reporting, and office management on a regular basis.